It's a marketing jungle out there.

And Totally Local Marketing is here to guide you through it.

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Finding new customers is a full-time job. The problem with that? You already have a full-time (or more) job running your business! You need a solution that's Totally Local. We're a small, dedicated marketing team that has a singular focus...the success of your business.

That's right. Your business.

Totally Local is focused on:

  • Quality
  • Personally Crafted Marketing Solutions that bring you more business from where you want it - locally!
  • Cost-Effective Plans that bring you more money, more customers and more time to enjoy life outside of your business

Our customized marketing services include:

  • Copywriting (e.g. Creative, Business and Technical)
  • Graphic Design (e.g. Logos, Business Collateral, Presentations)
  • Interactive Media Design (e.g. Website, Presentations, Kiosks, CD-ROMs)
  • Traditional Advertising Placement (e.g. Print, Direct Mail, Radio)
  • Online Advertising Placement (Google, Yahoo, Online Yellow Pages)
  • Public Relations

Choose a team that REALLY has your best interests at heart. Choose Totally Local, and we'll create "Advertising That Sticks" in your customers' minds.

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