About Totally Local

Colleen, Writing "Wise"ard

Colleen's passion has always been the success of small businesses, and the search for the perfect pun. With more than a decade of writing and editing experience, she can tell you "which witch is which" (and why), and also create memorable copy that sticks in your clients' brains. The explosive power of the Internet provides the "small guys" (or girls) with opportunities to make a difference in ways they could have only previously imagined - and that includes well written copy devoid of LOLs, OMGs, and even :-). Well, unless completely necessary...

Sebastian, Web/Design Wrangler

With over 14 years of internet and multimedia experience, Sebastian has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of web design. Representing "the good," his artistic background and committment to web standards (including a passion for writing pristine code) is reflected in the design and development of hundreds of 3D models, animations, web games, websites, kiosks, and CD-ROMs. He's fixed code and graphics for plenty of "the bad," rebranded more than a fair share of "the ugly," and developed award-winning websites.